Zonnebrillen Trend 2022: Dit moet je weten voordat jij een nieuwe zonnebril koopt!

Zonnebrillen Trend 2022: Dit moet je weten voordat jij een nieuwe zonnebril koopt!

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Sunglasses trend 2022: back to basics.

The pressing question every year is, what is this year's sunglasses trend and what should I buy now. After all, you don't want to run after it. We at EveryWear looked into this for you and show you all the ins and outs that it is all about when choosing the right (sustainable) sunglasses in 2022. 

It is not always easy to find the perfect sunglasses. Oversized frame, thick or thin springs (legs), with or without polarization, convex or flat glass, do you want others to see your eyes or does it have to be a mirror glass All in all, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the right choice. That's why we at EveryWear have designed sunglasses for you, based on current trends and 100% pollution-free!

We have gathered for you what is the current trend and what you should pay attention to when buying your new sunglasses.


The trend of 2022: Sunglasses for everyone (unisex)

Why no trends with a distinction in men and women Simple, because the distinction is certainly no longer of this time..

If you look at the shape of the sunglasses within the trends of 2021, you will see that it was mainly about round sunglasses made of plastic (plastic) with striking colored lenses. In the sunglasses trend 2022, the basis of sunglasses is central. Frames that are semi-circular, have a bit of retro look in combination with, last but not least, durability.

Take real pilot sunglasses for example. It is incomprehensible how this model returns to the streets every year, there seems to be no end to it. This is partly because almost every summer outfit can be combined with this type of frame. Shorts with a t-shirt, long pants with a blouse or a summer dress, it doesn't matter. The pilot sunglasses are a real retro!

But why the sunglasses with semi-circular lenses? Also this seems to be returning in the trends of 2022. The big advantage of (semi) round lenses is that you do not put too much emphasis on the sunglasses, so that they are easy to wear but you do not stand out too much. As for the color, it doesn't matter much with these models. Whatever color the glasses are, the non-conspicuous frame allows you to choose the color you like, without it clashing with your outfit. There is, of course, a drawback to this model. A lot of people will wear it because once it fits in with the current trend. If you really want to stand out this year, go for a cat-eye or over-size model!el!

Frame thickness of your glasses

The time of brightly colored glasses has passed a bit. Because we are going back to the basics of sunglasses in 2022 with the sunglasses trend, we are also going back to semi-light anti-reflective lenses. With these non-mirrored lenses, we also return to the somewhat sturdy frames. This sturdy-looking frame is often characterized by the somewhat thicker legs (feathers) and the more robust appearance. This will be the real eye-catcher of the year 2022. No shiny frame, but matte and sturdy and preferably with a robust relief.