About us

In 2020 we, Ruben and Alain, planted the first seed of EveryWear. Travel is very important to both of us. That is why we want to combine our trips with sustainability. We quickly thought of sunglasses, because sunglasses are our buddy when traveling.

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Everywear logo twee letters wit met bos achtergrond


With a look to the future

Sustainability is a nice word, but what does that mean exactly? This is also what we have asked ourselves. From this came the word waste-free. No difficult terms, just a simple word. This means you know exactly what we mean, which is transparent.

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Every trip is different

For every adventure you always have your sunglasses with you. That is how we have looked at our sunglasses from the very first moment. It just had to be the perfect pair of sunglasses for travel. The results are impressive!