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"Van zeflsprekend duurzaam"

De transparante zonnebril. Modern en comfortabel.

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"If it feels right, it's perfect."

~ Cape town ~

The Cape Town

Een zwarte zonnebril vastgehouden door een hand. In de achtergrond staat een witte tempel.

Why EveryWear?

One of the first sunglasses made from castor beans . By means of 3D-SLS printing it is possible to develop an extremely lightweight but also strong frame. Long journeys, hot summer days or sweat on your forehead. The 'Cape Town' is the goggle for your adventure.

Everywear zonnebrillen logo met surfer

The story

Ruben and Alain encountered a kite surfer who kept running into problems during his journey to the distant lands. The problem? Waste...

Product foto van een zwarte zonnebril. In de afbeelding staat de tekst "0,5 gram afval per gemaakte Cape Town.".
Castor bean

Production "23

From bean to sunglasses, with only 2% waste.

The origin of the Cape Town is India, where the so-called castor bean is grown. Oil is made from it, but sunglasses... how?!

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There's more to it than you think!

Agreed to meet.

Pollution-free. What is it?

A brand without pollution.

We think it is important that people are aware of what they consume. That is why all EveryWear sunglasses are produced pollution -free with a transparent story. We offer a higher quality than the well-known brands and we also create as little waste as possible.

In contrast to 80% of the raw material that they throw away. This means thousands of kilos saved with our glasses.

Do you want to know how we got here? Read more below or go directly to our latest collection!

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Who is EveryWear?

  • Chief Grade (Alain)

  • Head of Content (Ruben)

Being really sustainable is quite difficult, but if you know the truth it is a lot easier. Inspiring people with our story is my goal.

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Keeping you involved from start to finish is what I'm going for. From content on social media to texts on a webshop. 'Out of the box' is the key to success for me.

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Een close-up van een jongen met een rood Patta T-shirt en een zwarte zonnebril. Op de onscherpe achtergrond is een strand met rotspartij te zien.
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