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"The perfect sunglasses for my trip."

"I am Stijn Mul, a pro kite surfer. I travel all over the world to experience the most beautiful moments."

"I quickly noticed while traveling that good sunglasses are really important."

Then came the waste-free "Cape-Town" from EveryWear on my path. These are the perfect sunglasses for me, light weight, clear glass and also no negative footprint.

We do it differently.

Traditional glasses are often made of acetate and plastic. During the process there is a staggering 85% of waste.

from the raw materials.

Because we use a new technology in this industry, 3D printing, we recycle 98%

of our residual waste. So, we only print material that we really need. This saves kilos of unnecessary waste, almost waste-free!

A brand without pollution?

We think it is important that people are aware of what they consume. That's why all EveryWear sunglasses produced waste-free with a transparent story. We offer a higher quality than the well-known brands and we also create as little waste as possible.

Unlike 85% of the raw material which they throw away. This means thousands of kilos that are saved on the basis of our glasses.

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