Ontstaan van EveryWear

Ontstaan van EveryWear

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The seed of EveryWear

My name is Stijn Mul, I am a fanatic kitesurfer and I travel all over the world. I travel the world with my friends to chase the wind. We love nature, especially the wind and the oceans that the earth is rich in.

For example, a few friends and I recently participated in a kitesurfing competition (Big Air Kite League) in Brazil. When we arrived at the beach to pump up the kites, we were shocked by the amount of waste on the beach and in the water. This gave me a moment of realization. I think you should combine sustainability with lifestyle. I myself enjoy nature a lot because of sport and I want to keep this up for years to come. After a week of kiting in Brazil, I returned to the Netherlands by plane. It was then that I realized prevention is more important than cure.

Stijn tells his experience to Ruben and Alain. This story made such a big impression on Alain and Ruben that the three of them decided to set up a company that aims to reduce their ecological footprint. In this way, they strive for a community that tells the story with passion.

"Seeing what everyone sees. But doing what nobody does."

In 2020, Stijn, Ruben and Alain planted the first seed of EveryWear. All three think travel is very important. In addition, we want to combine this lifestyle with awareness of sustainability. The first product is our sunglasses. Sunglasses are our companion when traveling. The sunglasses are made of highly recycled material, but that seems logical to us

The way up

We find it important that our products match adventurers, travelers and (water) athletes. We are committed to a sporty and adventurous lifestyle. Think of our podcast and events where sustainability and lifestyle are combined. That's why our products are made from highly recycled materials and last for years. In addition, we think it is very important to make people aware of sustainability. This way you look at a sustainable world while wearing our sunglasses.