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Sustainable Sunglasses - Sunglasses that pollute 0%, is that possible?

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How do you ensure sustainable sunglasses that pollute 0%?

Pollution-free , better than sustainable.

EveryWear does not sell sustainable sunglasses, but it does sell pollution-free sunglasses. Because we 3D print our sunglasses, we use 98% of the material and therefore have only 2% waste. This means a huge saving of unnecessary waste.

But yes, you will ask yourself, the word pollution-free does not exist at all. As we gained more insights about sustainability in the sunglasses world, we noticed that the words sustainable and BIO are often misused. Pollution-free is clear and you know immediately that no pollution takes place when making this product.

Why are many other "sustainable sunglasses" from sunglasses brands not really sustainable?

A lot of waste is created when producing traditional glasses. Up to 85% of the material is thrown away. This material is often incinerated or ends up in landfills.

You may have seen the BIO label on glasses. More and more brands are working on making their products more sustainable. Bio acetate is often used for this. Acetate is a type of plastic that most (durable) sunglasses are made of. Acetate contains a number of substances such as petroleum, sulfuric acid and acetone that are used during the making of sunglasses. This does not mean 100% sustainable material, but 80%. But also during this process, 85% of the material is thrown away.

Pollution-free at the highest level

Making sustainable sunglasses should not compromise the quality of the product. This has been our mission since the beginning of EveryWear. But what is really important in the quality of glasses? With EveryWear's Cape Town , every detail has literally been thought through.

These sunglasses are strong, flexible and lighter than almost any other sunglasses. Because the sunglasses are strong and flexible, you can drop the glasses without any worries. But in addition to the fact that these real sustainable sunglasses cannot break, the sunglasses are also perfect to adjust to your liking and shape. You can do this yourself by simply bending it. You can also always visit the store where you bought your EveryWear!

High quality lenses for our pollution-free sunglasses

The quality of the glass is also important. Through the glass of our sustainable sunglasses you see the world at its clearest. This means that you can look through it at any time. Even if you drive through a dark tunnel or look at the screen of your phone, you don't have to take off your sunglasses. The lenses are UV400 protected and made to protect your eyes.

You can see the world a lot better through this glass. The lenses are UV400 protected and made for a sharp and clear view. This means that you can look through it at any time. By placing a tint in the glass that has a gradient from dark to light, you can always easily view the screen of your phone through your sunglasses without any problem. Even when driving through a dark tunnel, you don't have to take off the sunglasses.